Is my product eligible for duty concessions under PSFTA?

You can identify the eligibility of the product for duty concessions under PSFTA by following these steps:
I.    Obtain the HS code relevant for the product from D branch of Sri Lanka Customs
II.   Check whether the HS code is NOT in the Table III of the list    available
III.  If it is not in Table III, the product is eligible for duty concessions.
I.    Check whether the product complies eligibility criteria. You may check eligibility criteria
II.   Alternatively, you may contact the DOC with relevant HS code to obtain this information.

When the authenticity of the CoO is questioned by the Customs authorities of Pakistan what can I do?

 The DOC can verify the authenticity of the CoO by issuing a letter to the Customs authorities of Pakistan. You may send a letter to this DOC via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting for a verification letter. Kindly provide the following information in your email:
I.               Certificate of Origin number (COM/PSFTA/2021/......)
II.             Date of issuance
III.           Email address and the contact number of the relevant Customs Officer in Pakistan (if available)

What is the level of utilization of Export Tea Quota under Pakistan-SL FTA?

 Under the Pakistan Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (PSFTA), Sri Lanka can export 10,000 MTs of tea per annum at zero customs duty. It is observed that the utilization of the tea quota has become negligible in recent years. The quota utilization rate which was at 34.71% in 2005/06 has decreased to 0.25% in 2019/20.

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