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“Raising living standards of the people through international trade relations”


“To develop and promote Sri Lanka’s foreign trade relations at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels by the effective implementation of government trade policy, with a view to raising the standards of living and realizing a higher quality of life through the increase of total production, income and employment levels, thereby actively contributing to the overall economic growth of Sri Lanka.”

What are the Sri Lanka's bilateral FTAs which are in operation at present?

The following two bilateral agreements are in operation at present.
I.               India- Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA), since March 2000
II.             Pakistan- Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (PSFTA), since June 2005

What are the Sri Lanka's bilateral FTAs which are under negotiations or on –hold?

I.       China- Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (06 Rounds of Negotiations were held and on hold since March 2017).
 II.        Sri Lanka- India Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement- ETCA (12 Rounds of    Negotiations were held and on hold since October 2018)
III.        Sri Lanka- Thailand Free Trade Agreement (02 Rounds of Negotiations were held and on hold since June 2017)

Does the Sri Lanka's FTA with Singapore in the status of operation?

The Agreement in force since May 2018, however Sri Lankan side has not implemented its Trade Liberalization Programme. The Agreement will be reviewed with proposed amendments as the approval was granted by the Cabinet of Ministers to initiate the review process.

Will there be an impact on EU-Vietnam FTA on Sri Lanka’s Fisheries Exports to EU?

The EVFTA will have hardly any impact on 85.8% (US$ 97 million) of Sri Lanka’s fisheries exports to the EU represented by six products lines at HS sub heading level. However, there will be a significant impact on two product lines at HS sub heading level representing 8% of Sri Lanka’s total fisheries exports to the EU namely, Frozen yellowfin tunas (030342) and Frozen fish meat n.e.s. (030499).

In what ways and how long people can move under Singapore- Sri Lanka FTA?

Under S-SLFTA, Business visitors can come to Sri Lanka for a period of 03 months.
Executives, Mangers and Specialists employed in a Singapore company can send those categories to their Branch, Subsidiary, or representative office in Sri Lanka as Intra-Corporate Transferees.
No other movements are permitted under the S-SLFTA