What is REX Registration and how do I apply?

Registered Exporter system (the REX system) is a self-certification system introduced by the EU that applies in the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) of the European Union since 1st January 2017. The system enables exporters themselves to make out statements on origin which replaced the Certificate of Origin requirement. To be entitled to make out a statement on origin, an exporter needs to be registered in the REX system and to have a valid registration. This system only applies to exports under the GSP to the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey.
How to Apply
A company must be registered with the Department of Commerce, before applying for REX Registration.
1. Complete the pre application (online application) via https://conformance.customs.ec.europa.eu/rex-pa-ui/
2. Submit a hard copy/scanned copy of the completed pre-application (after company authorization in cage 5&6) to the Department together with TIN certificate and necessary supporting documents (Updated Cost Statements/Affidavit/Material Sheet), depending on the type of the product
3. REX Registration
After scrutinizing the documents, the department will register the company under the REX system and issue the REX registration document to the exporter for company /exporter authorization.
4. Department authorization
5. Issuance of authorized documents to the exporter

Was there any impact on Sri Lanka’s exports to EU from 2010-2017 after withdrawal of GSP+?

Immediately after withdrawal of GSP+, the preferential exports to EU have shown a gradual decline since 2013. From 2013 preferential exports had been in increasing trend. By 2017, preferential exports to EU was at original level of 2010. However, GSP+ Utilization rate has been continuously declined from 73% in 2010 to 55% in 2017.

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