What is the first step in REX system?

To have approval for Cost Statements/ Material Sheets/ Affidavits

What is the second step in REX system?

Please make available duly filled REX- 1 Form and then the DoC will register and assign each exporter unique REX registration No.

Can an exporter issue a Statement Of Origin (SOO) for a product of which Cost Statement/ Material Sheet/ Affidavit is not approved by the Department of Commerce (DoC)?


How to prepare a SOO?

Please refer to sample invoices as appropriate

Can the EU imports claim GSP concession for a product which was not registered using REX- 1 Form?


What is the purpose of REX- 4 Form?

To send DoC shipment-wise data within two weeks from on board date of each shipment.

What is the important message that exporter should know?

Please commence registration under REX system from 15/06/2017 in order to avoid delays in getting REX registration Nos.

Can an exporter issue a SOO without REX registration No?

No. REX registration is a pre-requisite

Should DoC certify a SOO prepared by exporter?

No. Exporter can send it with other shipping documents

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